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Product details of BISAZZA Wall Decoration Artistic Hand Cut Pattern ( per sqm) glass mosaic tiles

  • DESCRIPTION Glass mosaic, consisting of 20x20mm. (3/4”x3/4”) and 10x10 mm. (3/8”x3/8”) bevelled square tiles, mounted on paper or on a mesh according to the item and format (10x10 mm only on paper). The Smalto (SM) collection is made by adding coloured enamel grit to the molten glass. The Le Gemme (GM) collection is made by adding coloured enamel grit and "Avventurina" to the molten glass. 2 APPLICATIONS A INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR WALLS - walls and ceilings in general, of any shape and size, for residential and public buildings - saunas and Turkish baths - swimming pools - wellness centres B FLOORING Light traffic (private residential rooms) C SWIMMING POOL Suitable for swimming poolsSTRENGTHS - endless colour combination possibilities with other Bisazza collections to create personalized blends, shading blends and decors - ease of surface cleaning - light weight and thinness allows for easy renovations - colour brightness - pleasant to the touch - possibility to create personalised decorations with whole tiles and orthogonal grids (20x20 or 10x10 mm) or with the artistic technique with manual cutting of the tile - the reduced format makes it suitable for tiling curved surfaces - 20x20 mm tiles glued on paper: convex surfaces, 30 mm radius - concave surfaces, 40 mm radius - 20x20 mm tiles glued on mesh: convex surfaces, 60 mm radius - concave surfaces, 50 mm radius - 10x10 mm tiles glued on paper: convex surfaces, 20 mm radius - concave surfaces, 20 mm radius.INSTALLATION A For best results, the foundation must have a perfectly smooth, even surface, and must be dry, sound and stable. - Cement or plaster foundations: recommended use of adhesive Bisazza Ad Hoc - For exteriors or submersed areas: recommended use of adhesive Bisazza Ad Hoc+Ultra - Foundations of other nature: recommended use of adhesive Bisazza e-GLUE - for the SHIFT version it is recommended to use edges in the corners and at the end of the wall - In the case of mosaics on paper, thoroughly wash the traces paper glue before grouting For comprehensive installation information, please consult the manual. B Grouting: Bisazza FILLGEL PLUS UVR 7MAINTENANCE Use ordinary cleaning products for maintenance and cleaning of glass mosaic surfaces (except those containing hydrofluoric acid or phosphoric acid), being careful to rinse thoroughly with water. Do not use alkaline cleaning products.

Standard Hand Cut Decoration 10x10 with Gold

SKU: Standard Hand Cut 10x10 with gold
₱250,000.00 Regular Price
₱175,000.00Sale Price
1 Square meter
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