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first Bisazza warehouse

1999- Opening  of  Philippine Branch by Bisazza Hong Kong LTD mainly as assembly plant and distribution point for the Far East region.

2001- Formal establishment of Bisazza Philippines Inc. as a company with its operation in the Cavite Export Processing Zone to serve the Far East region market, capitalize on the Philippines lower labor cost, lead time advantage, tax incentives, and establish local market sales.

2004-Establishment of Bisazza China primarily to transfer the assembly operations from the Philippines to capitalize on the growing potential market of China and to serve as its main distribution point in the Far East.

2005-Local management convinced BISAZZA HQ to continue operate Bisazza Philippines as an assembly company to serve primarily the local market with its inherent organizational and operational capabilities, and to add value as a support service for some export sales in the Far East region in case  Bisazza China could not accommodate some requirements.

Production Manpowert
Office  warehouse

2009-Bisazza Philippines achieved continued local sales growth in five straight years at an average increase rate of  35% from 2005 to 2009.

2010-With Bisazza pioneering effort to promote glass mosaic in the Philippines, Philippine market was flooded by the  cheap china mosaic carried by most  Bisazza dealers as well ,which affected its local sales momentum and reaching only 75% of its local sales peak in 2009.

Hand cut pattern

2006-Transferred the assembly and office facilities from Cavite Export Zone area ( Economic Zone Area ) to Bacoor, Cavite to operate as a regular domestic corporation primarily serving the local market.

2006-Strengthened Bisazza Philippines capabilities in cut by hand projects by serving most of the Macau casino projects and introduced it as well in the local market. 

2007- Developed and strengthened Bisazza Philippines capabilities in design and installation service adding value added income, promoting its own adhesive and grout brand and enhanced Bisazza Philippines perception as the most authoritative in glass mosaic installation in the Philippines.

oakwood project Installation

2014- iMIC successfully completed International luxurious large hand cut  projects in Macau( Lisboa and Galaxy) and made its first prestigious international installation in Australia.


2015- Successfully produced and installed large and iconic BISAZZA swimming pool projects in the Philippines such as Solaire, Knightbridge, Banwa and Shell rresidence.

2016- iMIC ventured into fit-out and construction services and resort development  by constructing and developing  Hotel Atienza brand in Baler Aurora.

2016- Finalist in the prestigeous  Asia CEO awards for ASEAN Company of the year, its founder as Global Filipino Executive of the year and Entrepreneur of the year and eventually won as SME company of the year award. 

Hotel Rupert A lobby

2012-The local top management took over the business ownership and operation of BISAZZA in the Philippines under the company name iMAVERICK, INT’L, CORP. (iMIC) as it Exclusive Distributor of all BISAZZA poducts in the Philippines.

2013-iMIC set another milestone by acquiring a  business that specializes in designing and manufacturing customized cabinetry  that has been successful in designing kitchen and cabinets with Manila’s elite. It was later named iMIC Kitchensqure.

2013- iMIC was one of the finalist in the Asia CEO Awards 2013 for the Ford Quality company of the year competing with the big league in the industry

KS production

2019- Successfully launched and operated  Hotel Rupert A as well as Casa Herminia under Hotel Atienza brand in Baler, Aurora.

2019- Successfully produced and installed large and iconic BISAZZA swimming pool projects for Hilton and Sheraton Hotel.

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