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The price indicated herein could just be used as a REFERENCE and an indicative for the basic price for (1) one module Cabinet for Bathroom Vanity with ( 75cm to 90cm) Height x (60cm )Width/Depth x (60cm)Legth . Client has option for 2 shelves inside

-The doors and carcass are made of 3/4 melamine Marine Plywood board.

-The hinges and other mechanism are standard soft touch.

- A cabinet can be increased in length up to 20 cm without any changes in price for every 2 standard 60 cm or lower length cabinets combination.. However any reduction in depth/width and length will have no change in price as well..

-The price for for drawer cabinet( 2 or 3 drawers) will be the same with the swing door if combined with 1 or more swing door cabinet purchase as well..

-The minimum purchase is 2 cabinets. The swing door has the option for 2 doors or 1 door.

-If the hanging cabinet height adjustment would be half or less than 1 meter, then it would be pro-rated, that 2 hanging cabinets with that size will be equivalent to one unit price of cabinet.

-The 20 cm size adjustment option for each cabinet in length is to ensure the whole modular kitchen cabinets would accurately maximize the available space of the area to be installed

-KitchenSquare by iMIC Customized all kinds of cabinetry using different kinds of materials and finishes..Prices will vary depending on the 1]panel Board to be used (Marine plywood,MDF or particle board).2] Finishing Materials(Laquered Paint, Veneer,HPL,LPL depending on the brand as well as in the brand of mechanism to be used.

-For more accurate pricing PLEASE FILL UP the customised information requirement

-Our final proposal would already include installation within Metro Manila, Bacoor and Imus.

-It is recommended that before placing the order, please confirm the size of your area, so an appropriate recommendation of the size of each cabinet unit can be executed.

Bathroom Vanity [ MelamineMarine Plywood finish]Price/ 1module 60cm Length

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