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IMIC 10th year Anniversary in 2022

February 17 is exactly iMIC 10th year anniversary!!. We thank God for all the provisions and miracles.. We thank all the workers, staff and management team, past and present since Bisazza time. . We thank all our stakeholders, suppliers, partners and customer friends that continue to trust us.. We would have never got this far without your unwavering support.

IMIC core team have been working together for more than 20 years already way back when we were all used to be employees of Bisazza. IMIC was born out of necessity just for us to continue to have employment when Bisazza finally decided to close Bisazza assembly plant in the Philippines for good as a distribution hub for the East Asian Market.

Even with limited resources and capital, IMIC team realizing that it could not survive with only Bisazza as its product for the Philippine market, started diversifying within a year to Modular Cabinets and Fit out,.Then after 5 years aggressively entered into Hospitality business in Baler thru financing. The Covid pandamic came when we were just barely starting to operate IMIC hotel and resort business closing it for 20 months.. And it's a double edge sword since the bread and butter of IMIC Bisazza core business are resort and hotel clients as well which deferred their capital expenditure.

Somehow when we look back on our journey we were all amazed and thanking God always as we reached this far and still full of hope for the future.. Indeed IMIC is about its people and its unwavering trust on each others. IMIC team continue to embrace its core values of 1)Committed to Excellence, with2) Proactive attitude, ready to be 3)Accountable with 4} Result Oriented driven goal but must always be 5) Transparent in all its dealings..

To God Be the Glory🙏🙏🙏


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