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Living Up With “ iMIC Mission”

In line with IMIC mission of propagating good Filipino business values, iMIC must first and foremost demonstrate that it is walking what it is talking about. It must not only do its business fairly and with integrity among its stakeholders but it must learn how to propagate these values among the different sectors of societies. These Filipino business values as iMIC would like to represent are being shared from students of business along with other entrepreneurs. If Filipino business values would soon gain solid reputation among other businesspeople around the world, then it would be easy to do business with them.

It would also be easy to invite foreign investors to establish business here, thereby creating more jobs and employment for our country. With this mission, it could change the way the world does business with us Filipinos. iMIC as always would like to “Inspire Professionalism and Integrity” to the world of business. For this endeavor, despite its humble beginning and limited resources, iMIC founder Ric Atienza lent some of his time to share IMIC values over the past years of its existence.

Recently, iMIC joined Business Network International (BNI). A global organization of Entrepreneurs, helping each other grows business through referrals system. Ric joined BNI not only to grow iMIC business together with other Filipino entrepreneurs but to contribute to Filipino SME enterprises by being one of its pillars in growing BNI Philippines as a solid and legitimate group with influential voice in the Philippine community. As Vice President of BNI Inspire Chapter, one of the three pioneering BNI chapters in the Philippines, its core group has actively helped and successfully launched the first BNI National Conference in the Philippines at Shangri-la Edsa Plaza Hotel. This was attended by 60 foreign business delegates from Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Germany and Korea that networked and initiated business among the 400 SME entrepreneur delegates from the Philippines. During the conference, iMIC founder, Ric Atienza was given the opportunity to present among the foreign delegates, his company, where he shared its vision, mission and values. He presented that through sheer integrity and competency exhibited by iMIC management, it was granted by BISAZZA, a global company to become its exclusive distributor in the Philippines despite initially having very limited resources and capital.

Ric was also invited as resource speaker at Wesleyan University in his home province of Aurora for students taking up business and accountancy course. During their celebration, of CBA Academic Summit, Ric talked about “New Age of Business”. While he talked about information revolution, internet, digital and mobile technology, at the end “New Age of Business” for Ric is going back to the basic, he talked about “ Shared Initiative”, ”Shared values”, and “Corporate social responsibilities” which have been the primary ingredients that could make a company successful on its business over a long-term period.

Ric was also invited as resource speaker in a WEBINAR sponsored by European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (ECCP) and EU-Philippines Business Network (EPBN) along with other speakers like Shella Lobien of Jones Lang LaSalle and Carlo Cordaro of Atelier-A. The audience are potential European foreign investors in the Philippines. It is a chance for Ric to help encourage investment in the country giving assurance to European business community that it is at this period that they can have the greatest opportunity to invest in our country.

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