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Corporate Social Responsibility

November 22, 2015. iMaverick Int'l. Corp. (iMIC) hold its Corporate Social Responsibility with the kids of Cancer Warrior Foundation, Inc. in celebration of life for its Director, Ms. Noemi Atienza.

Children from Cancer Warrior Foundation, Inc. are angels battling with cancer at their young age. iMIC together with its friends and family, offered a little help thru monetary donation and non-monetary assistance to be able to suffice a little of their daily needs and medication.

This simple celebration became meaningful as joyful faces from the children and guardians have been visible despite of their challenges and battle with life.

Once again, we would like to express our deepest appreciation to the founder and volunteers of Cancer Warrior Foundation, Inc. (Sir James, Sir John and Ma'am Rose Ann) for allowing us spend a day and extend our simple help with the children and their guardian.

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